A well-trained arborist can identify and effectively treat the Insect & Disease problems. There are many conditions caused by insects or Diseases in trees. A Bode Tree Care certified arborist can advise you about prevalent insect infestation and disease infected areas and the effective course of treatment for each.


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Lace Bug

Most are found in Elm, hackberry, oak, sycamore, basswood, and other hardwood trees. Adults are flat, 5 to 6 mm long, and dark-colored with highly sculptured (lace-like) white wings. There are usually two overlapping generations per year; thus all life stages can be found on the lower surface of leaves throughout the summer. Lace bugs overwinter protected places on the tree. Infested leaves have brown or yellow stippling from feeding punctures and tar-like defecation spots. Because severely damaged leaves turn brown and droop prematurely, heavily infested trees may be defoliated, especially during dry weather.


Lace Bugs on leaf


Photo courtesy of The Nebraska Forest Service –

Nebraska University www.nfs.unl.edu

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